There’s something special about Kona, Hawaii. It’s in this place-amongst the ocean-lined panoramas and rainbow-filled valleys-that grows up a few of the Earth’s best & most exclusive coffee varietals. Despite the fact that the Condition of Hawaii remarks eleven coffee locations spread over the volcanic island string, one small region on the top Island-often called Hawaii’s Espresso Belt-has made its name as an iconic, internationally identified coffee powerhouse. So, the facts that makes coffee from the Kona Region so iconic, delicious-and expensive? Let’s find out.


The trees and shrubs are grown up on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa, two of the major and most effective volcanoes on earth. Coffee trees prosper in very specific climates and conditions-and Kona happens to complement the plant’s desire perfectly. With wealthy mineral deposits provided by the volcanic garden soil and weather that switches from sun-drenched mornings to rainy afternoons, this little cut of paradise cultivates the one coffee on the planet that may be called “Kona.”

These exclusively scrumptious coffees are cultivated only on the top Island of Hawaii on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa. Only coffee beans produced in these specific parts serves as a Kona. If you’ve yet to see this drink, here are some reasons to check it out when visiting your chosen coffee or treat shop.

Top 4 Reasons to Drink Kona Coffee

  1. Boosts Metabolism

The cultivation and roasting process makes Kona espresso high in level of coffee. Since studies have discovered that coffee intake can enhance your metabolism, enjoying this drink regularly can help your system copy food into energy quicker. Thus, you’ll enjoy increased alertness, and you’ll get rid of fat faster when participating in physical activity.

  1. Great, Unique Flavor

When you’re familiar with dark roasts, a glass of Kona coffee is a welcome and nice shock. These Arabica coffee beans are well-balanced and highly aromatic. Each sip will smell fruity and fresh, with a clean, spicy carry out.

  1. Helps Hawaiian Agriculture

Kona espresso is harvested specifically on the top Island of Hawaii. By purchasing the product at a espresso and treat shop, you’ll be aiding local businesses. If you’re travelling in the region, a tote of Kona coffee is an excellent souvenir to recreate for family members since it’s an unusual and special treat.

  1. Pairs Well With Hawaiian Snacks

The light, nice, and fruity flavour account of Kona espresso pairs correctly with the candies and snacks you’ll find in an area Hawaiian treat shop. Getting the possibility to enjoy your coffee alongside macadamia nuts, rice crackers, or sweets, like mochi and shave snow, makes this caffeinated drink perfect for a day break.

  1. Makes skin area healthy

Coffee and medical gain for beauty is age-old. Kona Espresso contains antiseptic draw out that is used to take care of dry skin, slices and abrasions, even snake bites. For a long time, native ladies in South America presumed and used coffees because of their beauty regimen. It really is scheduled exfoliating properties, especially within Javanese and Hawaiian Coffee (Kona Coffee).

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