The Introduction of the Car GPS Supervision System

With the rapid growth of the economy, there is great growth in car ownership. There is problem about the vehicle management and deployment. In the mean time, there are growing carjacking and theft cases which endanger public security and influence social stability. The car GPS personal tracker can effectively control the car for the related individual and organization. It can improve the management and can help the police to combat crime and deal with the emergency quickly.Why You Need a GPS Tracker and Diagnostic Tool for Your Car | Vivint Smart  Home

The security supervision management system for car is to conduct real time supervision of the location and condition of the car in a large scale. It can help to deal with the vehicle operation in time, improve the effective utilization rate and guarantee the personal safety of the drivers. Meanwhile, it can conduct the effective supervision, urgent help and provides information service for cross region moving target.

The GPS vehicle monitoring system

The GPS vehicle monitoring system is composed of three parts. That’s the car main engine, server and client. The car main engine defines the position of the moving target through the US GPS and it uploads the data through the mobile communication network and World Wide Web. The server receives and saves the position data. The client gets the map and car position information through by visiting the server through the World Wide Web and provides the user with perfect service.

The car GPS tracking

The installed car GPS receiver works out the present location based on the received satellite information. The communication controller extracts the required location, speed and time information from the ouput signal from receiver. It creates the data packet with the car identity and delivers it the monitoring center through the Mobile GPRS. The server of monitoring center receives the data delivered by the car machine and extracts the location information which will be displayed on the electronic map of monitoring center as to the car number and group number.

At the same time, the center system management can check the car operation condition and dispatch the vehicle based on the car flow in traffic. The car monitoring system should operate on three networks -GPS, China Mobile GPRS and global network based on different operators.

The vehicle monitoring and management system is composed of car machine and scheduling monitor center. The information is delivered based on the public network system. It doesn’t require the separate network system and saves much maintenance expenditure. The car safety monitoring system runs in the effective range of GSM public network. All the car objects can gain effective tracking management in the roaming area. The spreading of the GSM technology will promote the coherent development of the car safety monitoring and management system. The expanding of the network is followed by the expanding of the Car GPS Tracker Features Document.

The car GPS tracker can realize the real time tracking display of the car travel route. The car safety monitoring management system applies the multi-level structure. It can conduct different real time tracking management for group and family.


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