Strategic Ways of Using Different Tote Bags For Brand Promotion

Today, you have various options for promoting and building your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new, upcoming, or established business. Right advertising and brand endorsement is the key to success. The key mantra of marketing is to get your name in every event being held in the city.

Some businesses think that if they sponsor the event their name will be out there, but not everyone can do the same. So why not try other methods. Promotional events are a source through which you can hand out information about your business to people. Thus, you should know the right way to get your name out there in a memorable and useful manner.

There are old ideas like business cards, pens, key chains that still work. Well, sometimes. On the other hand, there are new ideas like reusable custom tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, pens, with brand name and logo on it. Wearing a promotional t-shirt in public is too embarrassing, mugs end up in cabinets, but recycled bags are used again and again. Whenever they’re used, your brand name is flashed in-crowd.

Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly company that specializes in custom recycled bags. They have professional graphic designers who help in making the right bags for different purposes. All their products are made from recycled material and eco-friendly chemicals. You get an affordable price for the order of wholesale reusable bags as CEP cuts out middlemen from the production process. Their mission is to remove plastic usage from the planet completely.

Different Ideas for Tote Bags

Reusable tote bags are great promotional gift ideas. They’re available in different sizes which suitable for every occasion. You can gift wine tote bags with a champagne bottle to business clients at a high-end party. A regular size tote bag is perfect for a generic trade show. Instead of just distributing ordinary-looking tote bags to everyone, personalize them by filling them with goodies. You can also try some new designs mentioned below –

  • Welcome new hires to the company with mini lunch tote bags and fill them with few snacks as well as a recycled water bottle. This will leave a good impression on new employees and some of them may continue using that lunch bag in future
  • Employees need the motivation to work in a company. You can spice their life by distributing computer tote bags with pens, notebooks and some chocolates in them.
  • Who has time to stop by a canopy during summers under scorching heat, if there isn’t anything useful? Attract people with cooler inbuilt tote bags.
  • Christmas and New Year is the right time for promoting business. While setting your canopy on the streets, ensure that you hang natural canvas tote bags with candles, tea bags, fruits or display those bags on the table.
  • Thanksgiving is the best time to thank your employees and customers with small tote bags filled with candies, cookies, chocolates, and stationaries?

Reusable bags help in keeping the environment pollution free. Plastic bags are harmful to human and animal kind. Reusable bag is the first step towards a healthy environment.


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