It’s Time to Go Robotic at The United States Postal Service – Individual Labor and Legacy Costs

Is it conceivable to generate self-driving cars to produce the mail? Indeed, actually lite blue is, and it would be a ideal software for autonomous automobiles in reality. So how would a robotic autonomous mail shipping method work in the United States? Effectively, apparently sufficient, our believe tank experienced reviewed this again in 2000. We had the technological innovation then, and we have it now as well, even better, safer, and smarter. In fact we are so much alongside on this technologies, it’s time that we place it into apply in some neighborhood in the United States.

We could use active matrix RFID tags on the mailboxes, robotic sorters at the post business office, and autonomous LLVs (Prolonged Life Autos, the new postal jeeps). Because the mailboxes are always in the very same area, and by placing active radio sensors on them, the shipping car would primarily push up to the mailbox, providing absolutely nothing was blocking it, set the mail in, and go to the subsequent mailbox. It could travel back and forth from the postal business office without having mishaps way too.

If the mail was sorted at the submit office by an actual human, and they put all the mail in those tiny slots, then that complete system could go on a conveyor belt into the postal automobile, and in it would generate the route. This is not tough, it’s absolutely feasible, and I consider Google is proving proper now in the condition of Nevada that these vehicles can travel hundreds of countless numbers of miles and not get in an accident, unless of course an individual operates into them. In simple fact the Google autonomous motor vehicle did get into an accident, but it wasn’t its fault, a human driver manufactured a mistake and ran into it.

Seem, the United States post place of work is making an attempt to figure out a way to cut tens of billions of dollars so they can remain in organization. The largest cost of the United States submit place of work is naturally the labor, most of the buildings have lengthy been compensated for, and if they do not get their expenses underneath control they are heading to have to stop providing mail, elevate the price of stamps to a position at which folks are not willing to use it anymore, or maybe go robotic as I am suggesting right here these days.

Probably to test out this program in a center-class community, in which all the mailboxes are similar, we can run a pilot system with some autonomous vehicle prototypes. We have the engineering, we have the engineers, we have the robotic information, and we have the incentive we need to cut the funds right now. So I ask why not, why not transfer into the foreseeable future, and make this come about? Make sure you take into account all this and feel on it.


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